42. The One We Left Behind

"See you guys later!"

“See you guys later!”

The biggest regret we have about our trip is that we didn’t do it at a time when our oldest daughter Brenna could be with us. The trip has been in the planning stages for three years and we knew that Brenna would be in college during our travels. We always told her that it would be her decision to come with us or not. She has decided to stay at school and likely join us when we travel in Europe.

Who can blame her. She is amazingly talented and social and is thriving at Purdue University where she is an Engineering major. While there is room for six in the RV she is happy at the Theta house with about 100 other girls. She is also doing plenty of travelling of her own with the Purdue Musical Organization. She is a member of the Purduettes and loves it.

You can see her perform by clicking these words, she is the first featured soloist.

If you feel the need to reach out to her and support her in this time of abandonment she asks that Starbucks gift cards be sent in her name to the Kappa Alpha Theta House on Russell street.

Brenna Senior

4 responses to “42. The One We Left Behind

  1. What talent! No wonder you are proud of her….and no wonder she wanted to “stay behind” and do what she loves!

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