43. Saturday Morning Across America

We have been living the atypical life for about six weeks now. But today, I think we spent it like a lot of families across America; we watched a youth soccer game. There was the ball swarm, the confusion over the correct goal and lots of frantic kicking. Our family cheered for our host family’s son, Nate and the rest of the Scorpion team. Despite our best efforts the team did not win and then Nate was stung by a bee. Poor kid. Luckily we have Arden who could commiserate with him as she was stung 3 times after stepping on a bee nest in Olympic Park.

We are spending the weekend with our friends Mark and Lannie in Longview, Washington. In addition to the soccer game Brent is able to watch football on a couch in a living room. Football and a good friend means he is in heaven. Brent and Mark were pledge brothers at Farmhouse fraternity at Purdue (our friend Mike was a member of this Outlaw group as well). It is rare that we are able to see Mark, Lannie and their children Lexi and Nate. Nate is the smiling blue shirt boy in the picture.

Lannie is a woman of many talents and gave my hair a much needed trim. You know you are with friends when asking someone to cut your hair isn’t weird at all.
During a run to the local mall we found shoes to replace those stolen by the thieving fox for Scarlet. We also ran into our friends Amy & Mark whom we stayed with in Tacoma last weekend. Mark had just completed in the Tour De Blast at Mt St Helen’s. I love how we run into friends even on the other side of the country!
our day ended with a worship service at a coffee house church called the Electric Bean. Fun concept and a great message. And coffee.

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