44. Final Night in Washington


Our time in Washington is about to come to an end. We spent the day in pleasant conversation about the state of the world and watching football via DVR while the children played and completed homework. For the first point, we have a very little confidence in the political machine of our country, based on 1) practical experience in metric development for the government, 2) environmental stipulations which unnecessarily hinder our professions, and 3) the uncertainty of Obamacare’s ability to provide better health care. All points are easily discussed among our conservative ranks; suffice it to say that there is a genuine concern for the country as we prepare for future generations. For the second point, NFL is more easily viewed through DVR recording and replay. Entire games can be seen in less than an hour when you can fast forward through the commercials.

Washington gave us what we expected today in terms of weather today – a lot of rain, but pleasantly followed by sunshine. We stayed inside all day, however, and enjoyed Lannie’s wonderful cooking – a chicken casserole for lunch and a chowder for supper. Lexi prepared another pancake breakfast for us as well. We have really enjoyed our stay with the Sheldahl’s, but really need to leave before our welcome is completely worn out.


And we have to wish Rex the best in his training as a guide dog. Lannie has been training this 7 month old Labrador toward the initial steps of his certification. We did enjoy some quality time with Rex, although there were some restrictions. He has a walk-through at Walmart tomorrow. Good luck Rex!

Thank you, Sheldahls!



So long, Washington.

3 responses to “44. Final Night in Washington

  1. What’s all this talk about the metric system ? It was cooked up by the French and is used by the communists to enslave the world! Remember the Pilgrims brought us the foot equal to 12 thumbs or 4 palms; what could be simpler! Next you’ll want to eliminate rods and chains and then what will Brent do for work?

  2. Performance metrics, Dad. Not length. But that’s good information about the Pilgrims. We’ll incorporate it into the children’s lessons for the day.

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