46. Book Lust

It is hard to believe that reading is considered good and virtuous as it tends to be more of an addiction for some. We visited Powells bookstore in Portland for a quick 30 minute browse. Once we entered I’m not sure what happened but there were too many books to see and touch in 30 minutes. Brent is my enabler and he fed the parking meter so I could spend more time ignoring my children and finding new items to add to my “to be read” pile.
We found a good deal on a book from Scarlets reading list, House of the Scorpion. She is hoping it’s better than her current read, Animal Farm. Usually we get her books on Kindle but they are often pricey. Unfortunately our local library doesn’t offer any of the books on her list as eBooks.

20130924-204724.jpgWe left the bookstore much too soon and headed for the Coast. In Tillamook we toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory. The best parts were the free samples of cheese and fudge. I purposely didn’t stock up on dairy products so We would have an excuse to buy Tillamook. We bought cheeses, yogurt, and let the children choose an ice cream flavor. They picked Cookie Dough. I was kind of hoping for Marionberry. My DC friends may think that is a joke but it is a real Pacific Northwest fruit.
We caught a few glimpses of the ocean and can’t wait to see it tomorrow.



3 responses to “46. Book Lust

  1. We will be in Portland in a couple of weeks and planned on going to the Cheese Factory ourselves. We talked with a friend in the Portland area and they recommended Ecola State Park or the Short Sand Beach Trail in Oswald State Park as good locations to visit to get some nice hikes to the beach. We are really enjoying your posts!

    • Good to hear from you Brian. From our experience you can’t go wrong with any of the State Parks. It is on the cool side though so dress warmly.
      The cheese factory sells ready to serve ice cream so be prepared for the extra time needed to ruminate over the multitude of delicious sounding flavored they offer.

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