47. Cruising the Oregon Coast

Today started with some school work for the kids while I went for a run down Highway 101. The run, with its ocean views, was wonderful, especially with 60 degree temperatures.

We headed south along the Oregon coast and ate lunch at Boiler Bay. This was named for a ship’s boiler which can be seen at low tide, but I pretend that it’s named in honor of Purdue University. The ocean waves hit the coast at various angles and timing, which make it mesmerizing to watch. There were seals visible, but we saw no whales (which are common).


Then, after a few wrong turns and missed pulloffs, we embarked on our lighthouse fix. Two lighthouses were on the docket – Yaquina Head and Yaquina Bay. Yaquina Head was part of a Bureau of Land Management park. We couldn’t go inside, but had a nice time walking the grounds. It is the tallest in Oregon.



We could get into the lighthouse at Yaquina Bay, which wasn’t spectacular, but had its upside – it was a wooden house, was quaint with 4 bedrooms (5 with the watcher’s third floor room), a parlor, dining room, and kitchen. Between 1871 and 1874, it kept ships off the rocks.



The biggest lesson learned was that Victorian standards dictate that children are not allowed to speak during meals and were to eat what was served without comment or complaint. We are instituting Victorian standards for the balance of our trip.


The evening is being spent at South Beach State Park. As the children cleaned up after supper, Elizabeth and I walked down to the beach. We heard the seals barking in the distance as well as ship horns as the sun disappeared over the horizon.


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