48. More Cruising the Oregon Coast


Barking sea lions now join coyotes, baby raccoons, feral cats and neighborhood dogs as animals that have kept us up at night. But it’s a pretty cool animal to add to the list. Despite the bellowing seal lions (Jr. Rangers call them Stellar sea lions) we got up and continued to enjoy more beautiful weather and the central coastline of Oregon. We timed our beach stops with the low tide and were rewarded with fantastic rock formations. We thought about exploring tidepools but they were not as accessible as we’d hoped and the cool water temps were a deterrent. Our big stops were Seal Rock (pictured) and Cape Perpetua.


We checked out a third lighthouse, Heceta Head. Its claim to fame is it is the brightest light house in Oregon (1000 Candelwatt) and it claims to be the most photographed. Unfortunately the iPhone did not really do it justice.


We took lots of whale watching opportunities but did not spot any whales. We did find some sea lions sunning themselves at near the Heceta head lighthouse.


We toured the largest sea cave, Sea Lion Caves. It is about the size of 2 football fields. There is a large rock in the middle where seal lions play their nature version of King of the Mountain. With such a beautiful day outside the sea lions opted to swim in the surf. The sound they must make when they are in in residence surely gives new meaning to the word cacophony.


After dinner we enjoyed the sunset at the Oregon Dunes. They were much like the Indiana Dunes expect with cooler temperatures and a heck of a lot more waves.


Surprisingly each of the children ended up with wet pants. They swore they have no idea how it happened they were really trying to stay our of the waves.


Our drive back to the RV was filled with song when the local radio station played Debbie Boone’s, “You Light Up My Life” which Scarlet and I sang VERY loudly. Everyone was appreciative. Consider the earworm a gift!

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