49. 5 People? In That Small Space?

20130927-195805.jpgWe have heard variations of this theme from a number of people. It is usually followed by, “I couldn’t do it.” After six weeks it turns out that it isn’t as bad as some might think.
The RV is big enough that everyone can sit or sleep in their own area. Everyone also has their own cubby and drawer for their clothes and personal items. There is even storage under the bed that we don’t use. There are two slides which open up the front area of the RV and pushes out the back bed so its like a small room. Everything has a place so it somehow stays clean and is not cluttered well, maybe the girls sleeping area is a little suspect.
We all can fit around the table to eat only sometimes we eat outside and have more room than anyone. If weather is nice we sit out under the awning and have the worlds biggest porch or reading room. Some nights we all sit around a campfire and have plenty of room.
We don’t spend ALL of our time in the RV. We spend much of it touring the local areas and parks. We study in local libraries where everyone can sprawl. Add for the times we have stayed with friends usually we aren’t in the RV at all.
Today we were in the RV more than usual but there have been no complaints. After two days of beautiful weather it started to rain. We decided to spend most of the day driving towards crater lake. The kids read and watched DVDs. We are overnighting in a Lowe’s parking lot and taking advantage of their free wi-fi. We checked, and Carlos the manager said we were welcome.


3 responses to “49. 5 People? In That Small Space?

  1. You’re giving the family such a valuable experience about what is and what is not essential in terms of “stuff” in life. You are also providing rich experiences visiting friends and places around the country. Not everyone is adventurous enough to do it. What you are doing is unique. Not sure I could have done it, but good for you!

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