51. Happy Birthday Elizabeth (subtitled Crater Lake – possibly a beautiful park).

This morning started at midnight – no one was getting any sleep because of the rain (all night long) and the cold. Crater Lake, while only a hundred miles or so from last night’s stay, was a few thousand feet higher and 40 degrees colder. Elizabeth had the heater set at 68 degrees, but someone, who will remain nameless, turned it off because it kept her awake.

The result was temperatures in the lower 50s inside the RV with snow showers and wind gusts up to 80 mph outside. The birthday morning was off to a fabulous start! We were able to enjoy a breakfast casserole while birthday gifts were opened


a hot pad from Mary George and a hand-carved tatanka from the family

20130930-182631.jpgWe conducted a family worship service based on Paul’s letter to the Romans – the entirety of Chapter 12. Since the camp site was compromised by 5″ of rain/snow, the family stayed inside while I cleared the perimeter.


We visited the camp director and told him we would not be staying our second night, because we had a primitive site (no electric hook-up) and would most certainly have perished. The campground chose September 29th as the day to shut down the portion of the sites with electric hook-ups. He advised us not to venture back up to the crater rim since three-quarters of the roads were closed and we would have likely driven off the edge never to be seen again. But we were able to see the official video of how the crater was formed – the two leading theories are 1) a volcanic event which formed a caldera into which 7700 years of snow cycles have created a beautifully clean lake and 2) a couple of Indian gods (the upper and lower gods) were fighting over some squaw and the upper god pushed the lower god into the earth and formed this lake. Theory #1 is hypothesis based on scientific guesswork while theory #2 is supported by thousands of years of oral tradition of the Klamath Indians. Their indigenous dance society even has an interpretive dance for this event. The only conclusion one can reach is that the upper vs. lower god story must be true.

In the end, we were happy to come off the mountain. A couple thousand vertical feet lower and the snow turned to rain. The temps went up by a few dozen degrees, so we were in our happy place. We parked the rig at Fred Meyers (which is the local Kroger brand and accepts our Kroger Plus card) to do some grocery shopping and have some lunch. Then it was off to a new camp at Lake Selmac.

The rain continues (and we have found that the RV is not completely water tight – which needs to be fixed soon) but we were able to enjoy dinner and birthday cake in the tight confines of our home.



The unconfirmed beauty of Crater Lake (stock photo).

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