53. Epic Game of Hide and Seek

Can you find Scarlet?


Brody found her!


Yes, the National Redwood Forest was closed but there are a lot of redwood forests in California including Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. It has some spectacular old growth tress that are mighty impressive. It is very difficult to capture their massive size in the photos, since they look like regular trees.

Can you find the extra child?



These photos were taken in the Stout Grove. The children had a great time playing hide and seek amongst the giant trees. The trees were so big we could have hidden the RV behind them. There were many old trees that had fallen down so kids could hide under them, in old stumps or sometimes just walk around a tree out of the sight line of the seeker.


We continued our drive down the California coast along highway 101. WE alternated between driving through dense redwood forest and the Pacific shoreline. The weather was nothing but blue skies and cool breezes allowing us to enjoy the scenery. IMG_1955

We stopped at Patrick’s Point State Park and searched Agate beach for agates. I’m not sure what we will do with all our beach findings but we came away with pockets of colorful stones and interesting drift wood pieces.


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