54. Rural Burl Mural Bureau


We toured the coastal town of Eureka known for it’s Victorian homes and murals. The mural project really is brought to you by the Rural Burl Mural Bureau. Yes, we have been saying that outloud many times today. Wish we had time to see many more of the fun murals scattered around the town.


This is the Carson Mansion, one of the most ornate in town. It is also a PRIVATE club known as the Ingomar. Hard to tell what they do there except paint and water the grass.


The “Pink Lady”. This is by the same architect/family as the Carson Mansion. This was their original house but then the decided they needed something bigger or more ornate.


Many folks have really kept the Victorian homes in splendid condition. The color combinations really make the intricate wood work stand out and frame the houses well. But then there are some folks who get a little carried away with their choices. The picture doesn’t really do justice to the chosen color pallette with includes about 10 different colors in jewel tones.

As we headed south, we strayed from Highway 101 and drove through the Avenue of the Giants, named for the large redwood groves through which it was cut. Again we were able to experience some amazing trees.


At the visitors center, we were able to get some seeds from the rangers. With any luck, our backyard will look something like this in another 1200 years.

Maybe the government shutdown will be over by then as well.


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