57. Fall Break Surprise


You are seeing a picture recently taken! Brenna has joined the family for her Fall Break. (Hey that’s my necklace!) We budgeted a small amount for her to visit with us if it was convenient. Sadly our amount was woefully short of anything we found on Orbitz or Hotwire. But through the magic of Priceline – she is able to experience the joy of living with her family in an RV. Now her return flight doesn’t get back to Indianapolis until after  midnight but in college hours that is perfectly fine to her.

Our adventure is not just about places and experiences but also people. In addition to having Brenna join us we are staying with hosts Myrna and Dick in Sunnyvale. Myrna and Dick are sister Anne’s in-laws (another point for Anne!) Arriving at their home was also a bit like Christmas – Myrna had “California” T-shirts waiting for the children and there was some mail. The mail included gift certificates from friends and relatives. If you are thinking “McDonalds”? You would be correct. I’m surprised the children didn’t jump back in the car and demand we take them immediately for a McFlurry. There was also a gift for the adults and the food budget REALLY appreciates the help.

We met with Brent’s cousin, David, and his family, Fariba and Daniel, for dinner. They chose a location close to the shore called the Beach Chalet where we could watch a beautiful sunset over the water as well as a wonderful conversation. Brent and I sang at their wedding over 12 years ago, it was wonderful to catch up on family and other current activities. We are very blessed to have so many opportunities to meet up with friends and family, no matter how brief. The sites we have seen are spectacular but not as fulfilling as strengthening and renewing relationships.



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