58. Santa Cruz


We have marched the children on approximately 100 miles worth of nature hikes. It is about time we did something frivolous and expensive that they could just enjoy and not “appreciate when you are older.” After morning worship at Sunnyvale Presbyterian we headed to the coast to experience the Santa Cruz Boardwalk – the #1 sea side amusement park. There was something that all the children could enjoy, they were able to select three rides and had huge smiles on each (except for the haunted house – no smiles). The adults found much amusement in the people watching as  – there are no fashion don’ts at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.


The nature quota must be filled so we explored Natural Bridges beach. We timed our visit to coincide with the low tide and were able to explore the many tide pools. Half the fun was scrambling over the rocks to get to each one. We did the Maine tide-pools earlier this summer and it is fascinating how they are so different. There was much more squealing in Maine when we tried to grab lobsters, here we were amazed by the colorful anemone.


We finished our day with a wonderful meal by Myrna and then a competitive game of dominoes. We play this often in Indiana and the RV but host rules here are you play for money. It was a wonderful opportunity for the different generations to be together and visit. Brody won the first round and with $2.00 of change he called it quits and stuffed his winnings in his pocket. The other winners were Brenna and Scarlet. The Starbucks/McDonalds funds continue to grow.

5 responses to “58. Santa Cruz

  1. So the rockbound Maine coast wasn’t enough so you had to try the Pacific, and all in the same year! Does the seawater taste the same ?

  2. “So they gave him all the cash, he bought ’em some brooze
    Was a beautiful day out in Santa Cruz”

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