59. By Brenna Friend


This fall break has been one of the most interesting for sure. A trip out to California was a welcomed alternative to staying at Purdue and studying all weekend. On top of seeing the sights that San Francisco has to offer, I also learned a lot about the group dynamics of my family on this trip. Today we checked out the Golden Gate Bridge and brought back the much loved jumping pictures that started with my cross country trip with Aunt Anne.


We made it to the first tower on our walk across the bridge before deciding it was too long and we were hungry. Before walking down to the park, we took a quick bathroom break at the tourist shop. This is where I learned about Arden’s difficulty with time efficiency. Just as we were all done looking around the shop and Scarlet and Mom came back from the restroom, Arden decided that now was a good time to get in the bathroom line. This is not a new problem; I just thought that maybe Arden had grown out of it by 15. Eventually we made it down to the park, and had a lunch of ham and bread. Just two slices of ham, and one piece of bread. My parents aren’t trying to starve us, we are just learning to “eat what we need not what we want.” Another lesson I’m looking forward to when I join them next semester. The Friend Family has also become very good at scavenging as I learned at Ghirardelli Square when we made out with 24 pieces of the free chocolate handouts. At Pier 39, we spent a good amount of time watching about 50 sea lions hang out on the docks. Arden now wants a pet sea lion.20131008-092642.jpg

Brody, Arden, and Mom were all volunteered to help at the nearby magic show, where Brody was part of a card trick and Arden and Mom held up a string that the magician seemingly cut apart and then put back together.


Other things I’ve learned about my family is that although my mother claims that last minute planning is fine with her, she is NOT okay with “going with the flow” once we get somewhere, as I learned yesterday at the boardwalk when we were taking too long enjoying the walk around, and not choosing what rides to get on fast enough. To balance this out, my dad doesn’t make plans at all, he would be content with walking around and just seeing where the day takes us. Scarlet is always right in every situation, Arden can often be found walking off alone separate from the family, and Brody loves dancing, anytime, anywhere.


We enjoyed a great dinner of burgers and potato salad back at the Klokows and ended the night with a few rounds of dominos. The winners have been me, Mom, Brody (twice), and Scarlet (twice). We have been playing for quarters, so San Francisco has been teaching us quality lessons on gambling that will last a life time.

3 responses to “59. By Brenna Friend

  1. What a wonderful reunion. Well, there is only a long tiring flight back to Indianapolis to provide relief from the responsibility of Arden’s continuing toilet training.

    • Brenna is on college time so the flight back shouldn’t bee too arduous. She is also studying for a test on Thursday and the flight/layover will provide plenty of uninterrupted study time. Plus, we gave her an apple so she has food.

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