60. Klokows

It’s pronounced: Cloak-Coe. We have been blessed this couple agreed to host our family of 6 for a long weekend. It was short notice that Brenna would join us but they were just as eager to see her again as we were. Like all our stays we get so much out of just visiting with our friends. Dick is a WWII veteran, enlisting when he was 17. It was fortunate the children were able to hear his stories as well as learn the finer points of dominoes. Oh, and he taught at MIT, he now uses his skills to be one of the coolest substitute teachers in the Sunnyvale school system.

Myrna took us on a tour of their hometown of 33 years, Sunnyvale. We loved her narrative on the changes that have taken place over the years. Our first stop was Homestead High School to see the memorial stone for their son Patrick. He is never far from our thoughts and is greatly missed.

What else is in Sunnyvale you may ask? Some names you might recognize: Lockheed Martin, Juniper, Google, Yahoo and Apple. Note that Steve Jobs of Apple was also a Homestead High School grad.


Soon, LinkedIn will join the numerous technology companies.

We said goodbye to Myrna, Dick and Brenna- where did the weekend go? With no confidence that we will be allowed into the National parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree) anytime soon we are heading south on the California coast. What a shame.




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