62. Psych

20131010-192243.jpgWe made it through San Francisco without having to visit the Full House house, barely. The girls were not about to let us exist in Santa Barbara without visiting something from one of their favorite shows, Psych. They were not dissuaded by the fact the show is filmed in British Columbia, Canada. An entirely different country. Hallelujah, the Internet let us know that there is an exterior shot during the opening credits that was indeed filmed in California. Here are the kids on the steps of the “police station” which is really the Santa Barbara courthouse. And they have a gorgeous Mediterranean style courthouse, people must love getting called for jury duty.

20131010-192952.jpgWe visited La Purisima mission which is like Conner Prairie California style. Except its not high tourist season so there weren’t any living history actors around. It was also a two for one history stop. There was the whole Spain empire building through missions and the CCC. The original Mission failed and fell into ruins, or it melted because it was made of dirt and scavengers took off with the protective clay roof. The state acquired it and in 1934 the Civilian Conservation Corps rebuilt it using similar tools and methods as the original builders. There were almost as many displays about the CCC as there were the Mission.

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