63. The Moose Outside Shoulda Told Ya

Just like the Griswold family, another day of disappointment that the parks are closed.

20131011-191146.jpgWe were aware that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was closed but we stopped by anyway. It is part of the National Archives but there are portions not under federal control. We could tour his grave, a portion of the Berlin Wall and inside Air Force One which are under the control of the Regan Foundation.


20131011-191624.jpgThere is usually a fee to walk through the plane but in the current environment, they were not charging.
The cafe and gift shop were open, it was hard to resist owning my own Air Force One stewardess doll (way to reinforce stereotypes, gift shop buyers)

And what better place to go a after seeing Reagan’s library- but to his other old stomping grounds- Hollywood! We did the walk of fame and Grauman’s Chinese theater. Had to snap a picture of a Hoosier.

20131011-192401.jpgThere were a lot of “actors” milling around, or maybe it was early Halloween. Mostly guys dressed as superheroes, I think they appreciate the masks hiding their identity. And women dressed in whatever showed off their assets, Cat Woman and Marilyn Monroe were the most popular choices.
We drove home through Beverly Hills on Sunset Boulevard and of course stumbled on the Playboy mansion with bunnies a flutter out front. Nothing to see here kids!

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