64. Scarlet is Quarterva

IMG_1920As an ice breaker or a get-to-know-you question people are asked: What superpower would your like to have? Answers are usually things like, fly, super sprint, read minds- it’s all nice fantasy. But on this trip we have discovered that Scarlet has a superpower. It is for real. It has happened too many times for it to be denied. Often we say that Scarlet is “always right”, that is a joke, she is not, that is not her super power. What she does is amazing and should be the envy of children everywhere.

Scarlet makes gumball machines give up their goodies with no money.

Every time we go grocery shopping – she gets gum. Not just gumball and trinket machines, anything that takes a quarter will work for her.  She has even made the magic twice in a row and shared with her brother. The only reason Scarlet would share anything is if she knew she could get her hands on more at a later time. Whale watching magnifying machines – free for Scarlet.IMG_1869 Anywhere we go now, if there is a machine that takes quarters, Scarlet works her mojo. I need to start taking her to the coin laundry and see what happens – that’s a whole $2.50 a load that could be saved.


Maybe we should be heading to Arizona via Las Vegas.

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