65. Sunday in Thermal California

This morning we drove to Thermal from our home in Oasis to worship at Christ is Salvation Church. This interdenominational church has a very high Latino influence; not surprising, considering our proximity to Mexico. This morning’s English service was not dissimilar to our 11:00 service at CGPC, with a praise band getting the service started then turning it over to Pastor Martinez for a message on Grace, Abundance, and Giving. We shared in communion. Brody enjoyed a children’s service (which included a cheese-filled hotdog). They practically fell over themselves trying to feed us lunch, but we kindly declined. This church does a lot of wonderful outreach for this area and we wish them the best.


There was a bit to explore in this area, so we signed on for another night in Oasis. Of note was the Painted Canyon’s The Ladders trail. We donned our hiking shoes, sunscreen, and water bottles and headed that way early in the afternoon. The canyon hike was beautiful, climbing ladders and scrambling up rocks to reach the top.



And the view from the top allowed us to see the San Andreas fault.

Luckily, there was no tectonic activity to deal with today.

On our hike back to the car, we happened upon a young man who carried a walking stick which was carved identically to Brody’s. The youngster found it where we had hidden it – underneath some boulders – thinking it might not be the best item to pack into this moderate hike. It didn’t take much to talk the youth into returning the staff, so we’re whole.


There was something to be learned at the RV park – in particular that dates (the fruit) grow on palm trees. We were able to harvest a few for our enjoyment.



4 responses to “65. Sunday in Thermal California

  1. Why did you turn down lunch ? Too many Mac Donald gift cards? How much money has Scarlet recovered from the gumball machines ? Is she the answer to the debt crisis?

  2. Scarlet remains humble concerning her vending machine take. And since she is always right, then yes, she would be the answer to the debt crisis.

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