68. Fitness Regimen

Brent is very diligent at getting in a run at least once or twice a week,. I am the queen of excuses. Our family strives to maintain a certain level of fitness. The children are all in sports and Brent and I have participated in the Indianapolis half marathon every year for the past decade. I even trained while pregnant with Brody. I fully intend to work out but the last time I ran was at Devils Tower. Here are the creative reasons not to run:

  • I will have to shower and I just showered yesterday
  • It’s too hot/cold
  • Sweaty clothes will make the RV smell*
  • A bear/rattlesnake might get me
  • I haven’t shaved my legs in 2 weeks
  • This place is sketchy, I shouldn’t venture out

And so it goes. Avoiding public humiliation is a big motivator so if I state I am going to start working out a few time a week in writing – I will most likely do it. We do a lot of walking and hiking so it’s not like we do absolutely nothing. It is also worth mentioning that public restrooms lend themselves to pretty good strength exercise depending on your hovering technique.

On a more positive health related note our diet is spectacular. We are snack fiends. But in the RV we do not have the snacky food I usually buy at home. We are forced to eat fruit and carrot sticks. When dinner is done, it is done, there is no stocked pantry for grazing. We have dessert every now and then but usually is is jello with fruit. Any leftover goodies are now the spoils for the winners of dominoes.

*You may be wondering about Brent’s sweaty clothes smelling up the RV? Well his solution isto shower fully clothed and consider the outfit “washed”.



5 responses to “68. Fitness Regimen

  1. Glad to hear the excuses, makes me feel not so bad missing a couple of runs a week. It just got cold and now rainy here!!
    Thanks for taking us with you on this trip!!

    • At least you get a few in! And over 7 miles today – amazing keep it up. When you read today’s blog let me know if it’s something you might be interested in doing together.

  2. I have worked with Brent for a few years now. I did not know he was such a genius. I plan to start showering with my workout cloths on. My gym bag will be fresh again. Pure genius!

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