69. Slacking in Arizona


What an awesome welcome we had from our Phoenix host family. A Purdue themed kegorator with Fat Tire on tap and a 6-pack of Leinenkugels Berry Weiss. The kids hooked up their electronics for schooling and we lounged by the fire pit with our hosts, Andy and Bish, visiting and enjoying the perfect southwest October weather. Andy is another FarmHouse fraternity brother of Brent’s; he and Bish are great ambassadors for their adopted hometown of Phoenix.


The children were also excited to have their daughters, Darby and Danica, as playmates. Our children even introduced the girls to the game of sardines.

We did take some time today to explore some of the city which included a tour of Cerreta Candy Company and Sahuaro Ranch Park. The candy tour included a free sample and the kids give their candy coated marshmallows a big thumbs up.  As for Cerreta, the equipment was specialized for making their candy, was heavy duty, and was about 90 years old.  It was a family shop with a few generations working there, which is nice to see.


The Sahuaro Ranch Park is one of the oldest ranches in the area.  Many of the original buildings have been preserved including houses, superintendent quarters, fruit storage barns, and livestock barns.  In addition, there was a large rose garden, groves of citrus trees, and peacocks running around.

With a couple activities behind them, the kids were ready to go back to the Slack home and enjoy the pool and relax, which we did.  The evening temperatures fell into the 60s, so the adults sat around the fire pit enjoying some beverages while the kids played.  Arizona has proven to be a wonderful area this time of year.

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