70. Organic Farming


Our hosts introduced us to their neighbor, Arnott Duncan, owner of Duncan Family Farms. He took the family on a personal tour of his extensive organic farming operation of baby greens. What made this one of the best tours we have been on is the passion that Arnott has for his company and livelihood. He is gifted with a way of discussing his business in a way that lay people like us can understand. We were able to watch some of the harvest, learn how they make their own compost, and all  the processes to ensure food safety.  Our family now has a greater appreciation for another aspect of agri-business and the science behind the production of what I tend to take for granted.

If you ask the kids what the best part was they will tell you it was the popsicles in the break room at the end of the tour.


We said good-bye to our host family and headed to McDowell Mountain Park to meet up with sister Anne. I will quote the children, “Everything is better with Aunt Anne!”

4 responses to “70. Organic Farming

  1. You mean they can grow stuff without tank loads of ammonia and tons of fertilizer? Lets show some national pride here and enjoy our super jumbo, tasteless, generically engineered produce devoid of any nutritional value. That’s probably why they call theirs “baby greens”.

  2. Great pics! Btw, it’s Arnott, not Arnit. Sounds like darnit, but not spelled the same way! 🙂 Safe travels!

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