71. Ragnar Relay

20131020-100132.jpgRemember in an earlier post I mentioned that Anne is the kind of person who convinces you to do ridiculous things? We found ourselves cheering on her team at the Ragnar Trail Relay in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brent and I have done trail relays before and thought they were pretty tough. We did a 50 miles with 5 people in costume and it included a few ski slopes (shout-out to team Yodle-Lay-Hee-Hoo). Ragnar takes it to another level. They are teams of 4, 8 and 12 and are about 200 miles long. The race started at 4 in the afternoon and the teams ran through the night.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.


But with a team of medical professionals someone was bound to bring along a suture kit. When one team member fell, the girls encouraged Anne to show off her skills and stitch her friend’s knee right up in the running tent.


I’m sure it is just the way they did it in the civil war.


We were not the best cheerleaders and retreated to the RV for a good night’s rest. Except for Scarlet, she stayed and kept Anne and the team company – maybe resting between 2 and 6 AM. The kids were able to participate in pushup contests20131020-100358.jpg

…and generated their own power on bikes hooked up to cell phones and tablets.


The team did a fantastic job and placed first in the mixed corporate team category – we are still awaiting results to see if they placed overall – they were fast.


The afternoon was spent catching up on all the lost sleep and recuperating at Anne’s place.  We were able to park iRV at a doctor friend’s place where we will leave it unplugged and let the freezer defrost.  The Gibsons, Zach (who ran the Ragnar) and Megan, with their two children, invited the group to their place for a little cookout and movie night.  The burgers were excellent and the movie was the Tom Hanks’ 1989 classic The ‘Burbs,  Again, the hospitality of the Phoenix crowd was much appreciated.




2 responses to “71. Ragnar Relay

  1. What a wonderful experience for the children: observing homeless, scantily clad ( and wounded ) people running in fear for their lives from “something” in the desert! Is this pre-Apocalypse training?

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