72. Christmas in Phoenix

Goodies have been shipped to Anne’s for us from grandparents who believe our children are being deprived. It was just like a college care package: hot chocolate, oatmeal packets, caramel covered puffs and of course McDonald’s gift certificates. We may have to spend an evening showing the children Supersize Me. Right now they would absolutely eat every meal at McDonalds until their card balance was zero! They are ecstatic with getting mail and the bounty that comes with it.
Anne sensed that the children’s affections were being drawn elsewhere so she pulled out the Box of Christmas Gifts. Really it was Box of (Things I Meant To Give to You as) Christmas Gifts. Brent and I were the big winners of running clothes. They are welcome as we head into colder weather in Utah and Colorado. The children were the big losers as the box had items from my sisters trip to Mexico over a year ago. Moldy Mexican candy– yummy!
The rest of our day included worship, studying and shopping. Most importantly, Brent figured out how to watch the Colts v Broncos over the Internet. With a Colts win, another day ended well.

2 responses to “72. Christmas in Phoenix

  1. Glad you caught the Colt’s game. Remarkable victory, even more remarkable when you saw in a post game interview one of the Colts defensive intelligentsia identify the Denver quarterback as “Tom Brady”. Obviously one too many concussions!

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