74. Artificial Environments

20131022-201139.jpgAfter days of studying and behaving like normal people it was time to jump in the car and see something interesting. We all awoke ridiculously early (6:15AM) and drove to Tucson to tour Biosphere2 and the Sonora Desert Museum.

Biosphere2 is an amazing feat of engineering, it almost seems like it was a made for Lifetime movie: 8 people sealed in an artificial earth environment for two years, all financed by some billionaire. Things did not go as planned and in some circles it was considered a failure, in others a success. There is a tell all book that I am now dying to read.

In any case the original structure and about half the original foliage exist. There have been a few different owners but Birosphere2 is now in the hands of University of Arizona. It is no longer sealed but can still be used as a research facility for experiments which require a controlled environment. Success or failure, each of the children took away something,


Scarlet didn’t realize it was even possible to create a closed environment on that scale and Arden was amazed that soil contributes to the envjironment in a number of ways.


We toured the Sonora Desert Museum in the afternoon. It is like a small scale wild animal park for the desert. Thank you Watts for the recommendation.


It was much more than just a zoo, it was a botanical garden, art gallery, gem & mineral showcase – all with a desert focus.


Definitely a one stop shop for learning about the area. Brent and I were most impressed by the surrounding landscape, the saguaro cacti were very dense and supplemented by a bevy of desert foliage.


It was more economical to purchase a membership than to pay for individual tickets. We have transferred both passes on to my sister. Anyone in the area interested in hiking out to Tuscon – you know who has a pass! Although for the desert museum any children will need to be called Arden, Scarlet or Brody.


2 responses to “74. Artificial Environments

  1. I’m jealous about your visit to Taliesin West. I would love to see it sometime, maybe early next year. So glad you liked the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. We never miss it when we are in Tucson. I am enjoying reading about your adventures.

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