75. Lots of Geometric Shapes

We try to give the kids clues on how to identify famous works and their creators. Examples include if a piano piece has lots of notes and runs it is Rachmaninov and if a painting looks like is was made with brush strokes that are lines of color it is probably Van Gogh. Today they learned if a house or building has a lot of geometric shapes it’s likely by Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m sure many an arts connoisseur is having a coronary right now. We visited the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Taliesin West.


It was the quintessential Wright with low ceilings, rectangles and triangles everywhere. There was also an Eastern influence, it was fun to see where he had placed interesting Eastern pieces willy-nilly throughout the grounds.


I realize he would not appreciate the term willy-nilly to describe his well planned residence. It is well worth a visit.


Whenever we visit any museum or touristy place I am drawn to the book shop. There always seems to be a book that has a nugget of interesting history that the tour missed. Today did not disappoint. I found myself riveted to the book that described the ending of Wright’s Taliesin East, in Wisconsin. Everything I learned about Wright skipped over the part where his mistress and six others were killed there by a disgruntled employee who then burned the place down. Don’t worry, I didn’t share that part of his history with the children – all they know are geometric shapes!

Later in the day Anne, Brent, Scarlet and I took on climbing to the top of Squaw Peak. We made it to the top and were rewarded with a panoramic view of Phoenix and a lovely desert sunset.


It was also a pretty tough workout on the legs. My legs are already sore from the run “around the block” Anne took me on a couple of nights ago. I’m really going to be feeling it tomorrow.



9 responses to “75. Lots of Geometric Shapes

  1. We’re you perusing Loving Frank? You really should read that. I thought he was an unpleasant human being but was fascinated by the story.

    • It wasn’t that book but now I am intrigued by the entire story and have “Loving Frank” on my To-Be-Read list. It was interesting on the tour how his personal life was not really addressed but a couple of women made comments and asked questions which indicated they knew a bit more about the man.

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