76. Man’s Day

The Friend ladies had hair appointments today so Brody and Brent demanded equality and had a man’s day. The terms of man’s day were dictated by Brody and the agenda consisted of one item: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs II. Brent would like to say that the film had a great lesson on good triumphing over evil. Brody says he had popcorn for lunch and a soda which he refilled two times.

The girls didn’t know what to do with themselves as we traveled to a mall for the appointment. It has been a long while since we have been in such a civilized environment. The girls were done quickly and then while mom got her hair done they went to stores, tried on clothes and took pictures of themselves. This made them very happy and it was cheap entertainment.





Scarlet does not wish to share a photo of her new do just yet.

Anne set us up with her hairstylist, Cleo. Cleo took the time to listen to my concerns, desires and dreams for the look I wished to project. Words like “professional”, “manageable”, and “modern” were used but I think I could have said “make it like Justin Beiber” and the result would have been the same. What matters is that I was pleased with Cleo’s final result. Brent says he likes it if I am happy with it.

After dinner Anne recalled that Cleo’s actual name is really Khloe. Khloe, many, many apologies for the 12 times I called you Cleo and wrote that on your tip card.


3 responses to “76. Man’s Day

  1. Now I’m curious. Surely Scarlet didn’t cut her hair short. Girls are still smiling, so must be good to date! Farmor

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