77. On the Road Again

Wish all commutes could be like this?
Wish all commutes could be like this

 Anne has been a wonderful host, but we needed to high tail it before our welcome was worn. It took around 6 hours to break camp since we had moved most of our belongings and food into her place. The kids even completed some morning homework while we did some grocery shopping. The ride north consisted of more desert highways, but turned into a beautiful scenic trip through Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon. This area not only has scenic red rock vistas, but also contains deciduous trees, the leaves of which were changing color. So now we feel as though it’s fall. For the evening, we’ve camped out in Flagstaff. We’re a few thousand feet higher in elevation which inflates our chip bags like balloons and entertains us greatly

With temperatures settling in around 40 degrees, it’s almost like we’re back home.

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