78. Scarlet Was Disappointed


“I thought it would be bigger. “

“What do you mean we aren’t hiking to the bottom?”

These are just a couple of gems that made it out of Scarlet’s mouth while we were at the Grand Canyon. The GRAND CANYON!!! If whomever wants to marry Scarlet ever reads this they will learn that they really have some work cut out for them. Despite her ennui, she and Brody earned another Junior Ranger Badge. This was the first one earned since Oregon caves in September.
Brody had to write a haiku as on of the activities. You would think it was the most difficult assignment he’d ever been given. While he is not convinced that the lines HAVE to be syllables of 5-7-5 he was finally able to create something acceptable. Here it is:

The Grand Canyon colors
The Grand Canyon is stunning
An amazing site

We spent an entire day riding around the shuttle and taking photos from every single vantage point offered. At about stop 27 the girls had enough. They preferred to spray each other with their water bottles. Also at stop 27 mom got tired of pushing everyone along to keep with the schedule. It was time for home-school life-skills practical learning. The girls missed the bus and were left behind to fend for themselves at a very scenic view.
We figured one of two things would happen, either they would sit still and wait to be rescued or they would figure out how to get back to our meeting point. Turns out they did a little of both they waited for us to come get them and when they realized we weren’t coming back they found their way to our rendezvous.
Now we will see how many people get to read this before Brent tells me to change it lest people judge our parenting. We don’t have jobs and we live in an RV. I think people already have an opinion 😉


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