83. The Fifth Commandment

20131031-215056.jpgWe were so taken with Canyon De Chelly we returned to see it in the morning sunlight. First we stopped by the visitor center and struck up a conversation with the in house silversmith. Many of his pieces include an outline of a Navajo woman holding a child. It is to honor his mother who was photographed in the canyon by Ansel Adams in 1942. The family discovered the photo some 40 years later in many books with the title Navajo Woman and Child. She has a name, it is Rose Henry.

We returned to an outlook point in the canyon (same area as the Ansel Adams photo) and took 463 photos. We decided to hike to the bottom.

20131031-215918.jpgOnly Scarlet chose to make the mile plus hike with us. It was another spectacular vantage point. The White house ruins were only specs from the top but were much more impressive from the bottom.

20131031-220137.jpgour next stop in Navaho nation was a Navaho Code Talker exhibit. The son of one of the original 29 Navajos set up a beautiful display of his fathers mementos in his place of business.

20131031-220736.jpgIt featured a brief history and a lot of Japanese items from POWs or fallen enemies. It was diisappointing to learn that the Navajo servicemen were not given their medals until after the war. It was a very well done exhibit. And the place of business? Kayenta Burger King.


3 responses to “83. The Fifth Commandment

  1. Maybe it’s the Burger King pictured that I’m thinking of–a friend of mine went, said it was free, so probably not the “fee” place. It’s definitely on our “list”!

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