86. Grammar We Seen

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Today Brent was feeling under the weather, driving and appreciating scenery did not appeal to him. We attended morning worship at Montezuma Valley Presbyterian Church and had a lazy afternoon. Brent watched football. The children studied and watched Netflix. Elizabeth worked on the budget, planned out the next 2 weeks, contacted potential hosts, did a load of laundry, made dinner, made potato salad for tomorrow’s dinner and went grocery shopping.
For your entertainment we have a collection of signs from our travels. Most of them are mistakes that most people have made at one time or another. However, these mistakes are on display for the general public to ridicule and snap photos. Enjoy!




Gouldings RV Park, Monument Valley. “Smile your on camera”


Petrified Forrest Guilt Display.  “Please except my applogies.”

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

“They have been there every since even though the new…”

Gasworks, Seattle, Washington

Gasworks, Seattle, Washington

The double negative and content makes this one the winner. Nowhere in the fuel development cycle or presentation at large did the military ever get mentioned.

“It is fortunate that we have the technology to synthesize our own motor fuel, however that does not mean that it is OK not to serve in the military.”

Thank you, Seattle.


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