87. Home on the Range

20131105-111919.jpgWe left Cortez, Colorado and headed north today. As we drove into Utah, the landscape looked more familiar – tilled farm fields with actual combines and grain silos are a welcome site. But in the distance, the mountains told us that we are still far from home. We pulled into a state park and viewed more petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock. The story they tell remain a mystery. What the kids were able to discern was that Santa Claus was a native American reality and that C.D. Gonzales was there on 6/3/54.


Canyonlands National Park provided some more scenic hiking and another Jr. Ranger opportunity. We were in the Needles section of the park.


We were able to hike a trail which passed caves that housed cowboys on their cattle drives. Some of their furniture remained at the site for us to see.


The trail included ladders and topside rock hiking.



The erosion in this location was a bit unique in that it left some of the formations top heavy which didn’t look too stable.


The Wooden Shoe was a favorite.


Canyonlands is great place to explore through back-country hiking the many trails. A majority of the park is not accessible by car. WIth the colder weather and our feeble children – this isn’t really an option for us at this time.

We set up camp in Moab. There are at three routes to Moab, two of which require four wheel drive vehicles with 18 inches of clearance. The pit crew was able to get us off road ready



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