88. Free Climbing

20131105-210728.jpgBrody was more enthusiastic than ever today about hiking. That is if the hike ended in an opportunity to “free climb”. This may not be the proper terminology but to Brody it meant once we hit our destination he could scramble around the rocky area as much as he wanted. Our destinations today were a few of the mighty formations in Arches National Park. We all had fun crawling around, under and through the arches. There is something extra special about being able to touch and get close to the sites. Many of the parks we visit make us stand behind a barrier, the reasons are understandable, still it’s more fun to see with your hands and feet.

There were a few moments when we questioned the wisdom of the heights we were letting the kids (and ourselves) go without fall protection. The band-aid and tube of Neosporin in our first aid kit would have been woefully inadequate. Brent’s choice to scrabble wearing Crocs should be recognized as well.


Double Arch

The day was clear and crisp. It is frustrating to try and get the blue of the sky and the hues of the canyons and formations just right. This park had everything, obviously the reds and oranges but there was the Morrison formation here. The Morrison formation? I can’t remember what it’s made of but it is a blue green color, almost turquoise in some areas. Photos just don’t have the same brilliance in the photo as in real life.

We spent all afternoon exploring the park and were able to catch a glimpse of a few of the monuments at sunset. We are planning to head back tomorrow to see some of our favorites in the morning light. The kids will also get sworn in as Junior Rangers.


Balance Rock

There is a lot more we would like to do in Utah but it is a bit nippy out. Temperatures at night are in the 30’s so we are camping in parks with electric hook-up else we turn into popsicles. It was mentioned in the last post, to do these canyons right, you need to hike out into them.


Sand Dune Arch

3 responses to “88. Free Climbing

  1. With the weather turning so cold I bet you are wearing all of the clothes you took all at the same time!

  2. Too bad you did not schedule enough time to do all this “free climbing”. his is indeed an exceptional time for the children and one to be savored. Soon the liberal democrats will have us natural born Americans completely separated from our hard won heritage with a chain link fence or three inches of Plexiglas ! Enjoy it while you still are able!

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