90. Boulder Friends

The quaint town of Georgetown was a stop today for studying at their library. Little did we know that we had stumbled on the town where John Denver’s 1986 made for Lifetime Movie “The Christmas Gift” was filmed. We were also 2 days early for their annual Sheep Festival. I wonder how many of these small town festival’s happen near our hometown of Franklin and we have not taken advantage of them. When we complete our trip and return home we really need to pay attention to the cultural opportunities that are in our own backyard.


Scarlet in the charming library of Georgetown

We made it to Boulder and to the comfort of the home of my friend Christina, her husband Michael and their children Wesley and Watera. Christina and I were both campers and on staff at Camp Tecumseh. We haven’t seen one another for twenty years so we had an enjoyable evening catching up. Michael and Christina are two more names to add to the list of people we have stayed with who have completed an Ironman. It means that Brent is just getting closer and closer to signing up to complete one himself. They have also authored books. Michael gave us a copy of his personal finance themed book, Invest like an Institution. We told him that it was our ignorance of knowing how to invest money that caused us to spend it instead on this trip.


Christina has a couple of business themed books Critical Conversations for Dummies and Leading Business Change for Dummies. She is also a business leadership and communication coach. It would be a privilege to spend more time with her and absorb just a bit of her knowledge. Her many talents, skills and offerings are detailed on her web-page- take a look.


Brody and the girls had a great time playing with Wesley and Wetera – air hockey, football, Legos. The children learned that Wesley and Scarlet share a birthday, which made them very happy to share a connection. WE are so lucky that our children and the children of our friends have immediately started to play together when we visit. This has been the case at every home stay with children. Well done my friends, well done.






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