91. Sleepytime is #1

20131109-172244.jpgSleepytime is the best selling herbal concoction at Celestial Seasonings. After this trip we should sign up for pop culture game shows because we are acquiring knowledge that has application no where else. We toured the Celestial Seasoning factory where we got to wear hair (and beard) nets and get our sinuses cleared in their special double insulated Peppermint room. The tour ended in the tasting room where limitless tea was available of any of their current flavors. Brody fell in love with the Cinnamon Apple Zinger so we bought him a box.


We toured the NCAR (National Center of Atmospheric Research) facility as well. This visit was a twofer for not just what was inside the building but the building itself. NCAR researches all weather phenomena, With the advancement of computing capacity over the past decade their have been fascinating developments in weather models and predictions. The information at the center available for the public is very diverse – paleoclimatology, architecture, supercomputing, to name a few.


The building is very unique. It was designed by architect IM Pei who also designed the pyramid at the Louvre. His inspiration was Mesa Verde. We just visited Mesa Verde so we were easily able to make the connection of the tall towers with circular formations at the base.


Best part is both facilities had guided tours and they were free!

6 responses to “91. Sleepytime is #1

  1. Peasants– we drank “complementry” bloody mary’s with the rest of the grey head swils. Now you know where Brenna’s tuition money is going!

    • I had no idea he was the architect. I worked in Columbus for 7 years and really should have taken advantage of the architecture tour or at least wandered around more during lunch breaks. Thank for the info, we will be sure to visit and compare when we return home.

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