92. Johnson Family Part I

20131111-145854.jpgDenver is a great place with low cost (free) high entertainment venues. We visited the Mile High Stadium and toured the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Brent and I got more out of the trip than the children since we recognized many of the names being honored. It was odd to see Peyton Manning featured in the orange jersey but I think everyone from Indiana is getting used to it. We couldn’t be in the area and not visit the largest brewery – Coors! It was our 3rd brewery tour, I think we have it down by now. The children are always game because they get unlimited free sodas at the end while mom and dad get their limited samples. The Blue Moon Pumpkin Harvest Ale and Batch 19 were our favorites.


Our day ended with a grand dinner of grilled steaks with our hosts Cori and Steve. Cori’s father and my father have been friends since they served together in Viet Nam. When we had the opportunity our families spent Easter’s together. Now everyone lives far and wide so I am glad we were able to meet up in Denver. If all goes well we may stay with other Johnson family members during our travels and have Johnson Family Part II, III and IV


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