93. Canvas and Cocktails

20131111-155751.jpgOur day started with a worship service at Broomfield United Methodist Church where we enjoyed their contemporary service. An interesting part of the service was their video to promote stewardship “Let’s Give it All” to the tune of a certain Marvin Gaye hit – it was clever.


An attempt at more culture was derailed when we found our planned excursion closed! We have a few more days in the Denver area so we can try again.


Danielle and Morgan – street and sidewalk complete

In the afternoon Brent and the kids watched the Broncos game with our host family and their friends. I prepared for an evening out with my friend Danielle. It was a girls night out at Canvas and Cocktails. Roughly 50 women in an art studio were instructed on how to paint the same picture while consuming wine. The picture at the top is an ekf original and what a wonderful memento to have from Denver. It is a picture of Larimer Square, which we will now have to visit to see how well I did. I’m just happy that it was a recognizable street.


Danielle, Morgan, Elizabeth & Marie with completed masterpieces

6 responses to “93. Canvas and Cocktails

  1. I am quite taken with the EKF original, would like to make it an addition to our Estero Gallery collection. If you can send it once we get south I will cover the postage and handling.

  2. The original is above Kipp’s head. I think we did great considering the wine consumption that accompanied the canvas instruction.

  3. Before you compulsively give this masterpiece over to family you may want to consider opening this thing up for bid. This little gem could bring some serious coin.

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