94. Shawnee Cabin Rules


It has been wonderful to reconnect with so many friends from our lives. If you have been following our travels you may recognize a number of these friends are from my years at Camp Tecumseh. We have been staying with another Tecumseh connection, Danielle, her husband Spencer, and sprite of a daughter, Alex. Danielle and I were partners for a summer. A number of parents from Indiana entrusted us to provide their daughters with one of the best weeks of their lives. We did our best to make Shawnee cabin a memorable experience. Anyone who has been on staff knows that your cabin partner can quickly become a best friend, confident and favorite person to be around. It has been a thrill to spend time with her for our families to meet.


Elizabeth, Danielle and Alex

With cooperative weather we visited the Denver Botanical Gardens. What an sprawling and beautiful site. The curators have really served their city well with the planning and care. It is difficult for us to cultivate any foliage in our yard which is not grass. Despite our best intentions plants die or succumb to the weeds I neglect to pull. And then there are the occasions when Brent decides to take a shortcut when mowing the law. This is not Brent’s fault, it just shows that I make flowers looks like an unsightly pile of green which deserves to be mowed down. The gardens were an inspiration that with a little effort there can be a great reward in improving the aesthetics of our home.


Reagan, Alex & Scarlet

2 responses to “94. Shawnee Cabin Rules

  1. And you always tried to hang that guilt trip on your parents that “I have no friends because you never let me go anywhere”. How did you ever escape from your “room”?

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