95. My Mother Will Be Jealous


Snappin’ a selfie at the mile marker, maybe

Our recent stay was remarkably convenient to downtown Denver, it was just criminal not to drive over and spend another day fitting in as much as possible. The first priority was taking pictures at the state capital near the step “one mile above sea level”. Evidently it took three tries to get it right, so there is the inscripted step and two brass markers. In a few years they will most likely correct it again. We toured the Capital building then headed for the mint. We attempted to take a tour but they have some nonsense rule about signing up at least 2 weeks in advance. Often we have no idea where we will be 2 hours in advance. The Federal Reserve Bank had a small money museum and the children all got a souvenir of a bag of shredded money. Let’s just hope the bags don’t burst in the RV.


Our final stop was the CELL (Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab). It is an exhibition on terrorist attacks with an emphasis on what regular people can do to recogognize suspicious situations and develop an understanding of what defines and instigates terrorism. It was a bit graphic and Brody is now a bit apprehensive to fly on airplanes. It is easy to forget that 9/11 is a story to him rather than an experience.


Squint your eyes, this is the real Larimer street, the inspiration for my masterpiece

Denver was very easy to navigate and the free trolley along one of their main streets meant no one whined about their feet hurting.


Our evening was spent with my friend Erv and his wife Susan. Erv and I worked at camp together, he was even my brother George’s counselor. We caught up on old friends, shared our travel stories and each summarized the past 20 years. Erv’s artistic wife, Susan is a quilt designer, SuzGuz Designs. She an enormous talent with national recognition.


I fear that I may have acted like a crazed groupie by asking her 236 question about how she does what she does and then taking too many photos of the quilts about her home. Quilting has become one of my mother’s later in life passions. Every year the women in my family get together for quilt camp, Susan has a book coming out next year so I know exactly where we are going to get the pattern for our next project.


8 responses to “95. My Mother Will Be Jealous

  1. Elizabeth – I just finished web searching SuzGuz Designs – got the heads up from your Mom – didn’t realize the connection until I just read your latest blog – sounds like you are really enjoying Denver! Myrna

  2. Nice going Elizabeth, you just had to mention QUILTS! Your mother immediately had to get on SuzGuz, sustained a “quilt seizure” and had to carry herself to the “Pioneer Women Coven” for emergency therapy !

  3. We aren’t getting many pictures anymore–say, last 2 weeks. On your blog about Denver, we only got 1 out of 8–saw the last one. The ones highlighted in blue we receive, the others never come up. Sounds like you’re having fun….

    • We are not sure why it won’t display. I can’t think of anything we have done differently lately. Obviously the only solution will be for us to have a private screening with you after the trip to review all 2,584 pictures we have taken.

  4. A trip with you Elizabeth to anywhere would definitely be a treat. Read above blogs nap nd we are getting the pictures. We have been invited ti see Elaine Ellisons mathematical quilts when you are with us at
    Christmas. Look her up in your free time.

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