96. Merci Madame Crouch

20131114-122007.jpgThere are many people who simply have a knack for languages, I am not one of them. Verb conjugation, irregular verbs, masculine/feminine – it was a challenge. However, Madame Crouch, my high school French teacher, will be pleased to know that there was something that stuck with me, the Impressionists. We learned a bit about each artist and then Madame Crouch gave us water colors and we had to paint a picture from the artists portfolio using their style. I remember sitting outside chatting with my friends while painting – was this really high school? But it stuck and I am fairly good at identifying an impressionist painting and the artist.


My knowledge was tested today when we visited the Denver Art Museum and toured their Passport to Paris exhibit. It offered more than jus the impressionists and had a self guided audio tour. It was perfect for the children. They were able to see works by Toulouse-Latrec, Renoir, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Pissaro – I hope they will remember some of it. There was time to visit the Modern and Contemporary section, this was a mistake. The museum does not allow photos mainly because there would be a plethora of blogs where people have to guess Art Piece or Hoarder Cache. If the kids are smart, the next time they are asked to clean their room they should say, “No Mom, this is art.” They would have a legitimate argument.

Brent was able to score 3 reservations to tour the mint – someone must have canceled since you are supposed to register 2 weeks in advance, evidently it is not for back ground check reasons. Brent took Brody and Scarlet while Arden and I stayed at the museum. Arden was perfectly happy creating in the hands on drawing room of the art museum.


3 responses to “96. Merci Madame Crouch

  1. Great to hear Brent’s big score at the D-Mint. It was no doubt more culturally significant to see hot sweating muscular men using great huge hammers striking coins out of molten metal than the doodling of a bunch of effeminate Frenchmen who couldn’t stay in the lines! I believe the greatest art critic of our time referred to it as “decadent art” !

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