97. Old School Scrapbook

20131115-143207.jpgWe have been staying with Sarah, Pete and their children Claudia and Lucas in Castle Rock, Colorado. Sarah and I share 50 mutual Facebook friends – that may be more than what I share with my husband. We lived in the same house at Purdue, Stewart, and worked at the same summer camp I may have mentioned before, Camp Tecumseh. Last night Sarah and I spent way too much time flipping through her old photo albums. Our husbands were a captive audience and forced to listen to our stories about our many friends from Stewart and Tecumseh. We even started chatting with a few who had the great timing to be on line when we were suffering from our bouts of nostalgia.

There are so many memories I have from college and camp – they are clear as day and it seems that I remember every detail. However, when talking with others they usually bring up an event or person I completely had forgotten. In a way it is like Christmas, they give me keys to unlock memories. So if anyone reading this knows the two of us and felt their ears burning last night – yes indeed, we were talking about you!



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