98. Travel Light Trial Run

We are homeless and it’s working in our favor. A vent atop the RV was broken by a wicked wind a few states ago. Electric tape has been holding it together but it really needed to be replaced. The part is on order and will be in on Monday, three days from now. We packed up our fridge items and a few outfits and shoved them in the car, the next few days will see if we chose wisely.
Tonight we are in a HoJo! The children are beyond giddy with thoughts of the FREE hot buffet awaiting them tomorrow. Brent has already stated that breakfast 1 will be at 0600 and breakfast 2 at 0800.

We had a lovely dinner at the home of my friend Joanne and her adorable pets, Jesse, Wolfie, Mikey and Peanut. Peanut may not be adorable as he remained hidden during our stay. You will never guess where Joanne and I met, if you have been following this blog your answer is probably Camp Tecumseh. You would be correct! We were on staff together but met years earlier as Counselors in Training after our sophomore year in high school.
Joanne is another friend from Indiana who has ended up in Colorado and absolutely loves it.



4 responses to “98. Travel Light Trial Run

  1. Perfect ! Daughter and family unemployed, homeless and starving in a borrowed 20 year old Escort in nowhere out West! In the immortal words of Arden, ” I knew this was going to happen; we should have gone to China Buffet!” Happy Trails !

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