102. Ludlow Massacre


We have visited a number of sites and read plenty of literature on the treatment of Native Americans during our travels. There have been too many ____ _____ Massacre Site. Sadly such event in our history were not reserved for Native Americans. Today we visitied the Ludlow Massacre historical monument. It commemorates the Coal miners who opposed their treatment of the Mining Corporation. Ultimately resulting in violence on both sides and the deaths of many. The massacre site specifically recounts the deaths of 2 women and 11 children who perished in a cellar when their tent city was burned after a day of gunfight between striking workers and the National Guard.


Regardless of your politics everyone can agree that 100 years ago the life of many workers was dismal. Ultimately the strikers ran out of money and their strike was unsuccessful. Here were their demands:

  • Recognition of the union as bargaining agent
  • An increase in tonnage rates (equivalent to a 10% wage increase)
  • Enforcement of the eight-hour work day law
  • Payment for “dead work” (laying track, timbering, handling impurities, etc.)
  • Weight-checkmen elected by the workers (to keep company weightmen honest)
  • The right to use any store, and choose their boarding houses and doctors
  • Strict enforcement of Colorado’s laws (such as mine safety rules, abolition of scrip), and an end to the company guard system


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