103. Livin’ La Veta Loca

photo (2)

Our southern migration landed us in La Veta, Colorado last night.  This morning, the deer, fully aware that I am not hunting this year, strolled through the campground without a care in the world.  Little did they know that we were armed with iPhones and shot them a number of times.


Evil deer

We hit the road for Great Dunes National Park and Preserve, tucked in the San Luis Valley. This valley is unique in that it creates sand but the sand has nowhere to escape.  This results in the largest sand dunes in North America.  Rivers flowing from the mountains carry sediment south and west through the valley.  As the rivers dry up, winds blow to the northeast, carrying the sand back toward the mountains.  Since the winds are unable to carry the sand over the mountains, we are left with dunes, some up to 750 feet high!  We climbed to the high point of the dunes to test the height.  Given our shortness of breath and sweaty shirts, the height was confirmed.  While Elizabeth went in search of the native scurfpea, Brody panned for gold.  Neither were successful.


The Friend ladies striking a pose.

photo (4)

Brody pointing out the ant-like figures of his sisters who have a lot of climbing left.

photo (3)

750-Foot Summit Ridge – Good work family!

Scarlet and Brody completed their theses and were once again sworn in as Junior Rangers.

photo (2)

The Swearing-In Ceremony

Brody’s grandfather offered him a vest on which to display his medals as this year’s Christmas gift.  Brody thanks his grandfather as he was running out of room in the RV to keep them.  Now he can boast of his accomplishments and let the other Jr. Rangers that he outranks them.  It’s all about Brody’s command of his Jr. Ranger battalion.  He anticipates that he’ll be issued a sidearm in Texas.


Heavily Decorated Jr. Ranger Friend

The day ended much like it started.  A small herd of bucks stood near the exit of the National Park and taunted the family.


Evil Deer

6 responses to “103. Livin’ La Veta Loca

    • The badges pin on and the patches are made of some sort of industrial strength iron-core fiber. I can’t get a needle through them. We will do some heavy duty ironing-on over Christmas.

      • Glad Brody likes the vest ! Grandmother does not understand how Grandfather was able to finance this long distance transaction without prior authorization. I am now the subject of an immediate, in depth, intense, comprehensive audit ! It will be a lean Christmas.

  1. I noticed that all the deer had antlers and the notation was ‘evil deer’. Can I conclude then that the males are evil while the females are not?

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