105. Zozobra: Old Man Gloom


Things are not gloomy, I just wanted to type the name Zozobra. It sounds so funny to me that I keep saying it over and over. Zozobra, or Old Man Gloom, is burned at new years by the people of Santa Fe during one of their fiestas. Santa Fe considers itself a party and art city, that makes for a fun combination. While we are enjoying our time with our hosts we are not visiting during a time where there is a FIESTA!


Zozobra before being engulfed by flames

We visited the Santa Fe capitol building – only a 10 minute walk from our hosts home. It was pretty chilly our but we bundled up and survived. Many capitols have a rotunda that gives them much pride. Santa Fe is no exception, except they took it a step further, their entire capitol building is round. The building is also home to over 650 works of art. It was fun to walk every inch of the place and see what was around the next bend as conversations between constituents and politicians took place in the halls.


It would be interesting to know if the existence of the art in any way influences the happenings, opinions or interactions in the building. It was also interesting to note that the Santa Fe legislature does not receive a salary, only a per diem and mileage for when they are in session.


We found that the Capital information booth attendant needs to learn the difference between the word EVERY and the word FIRST. It makes a big difference when you tell visiting cheapskates, “All state museums are free between 5-8 EVERY Friday.” Since our hosts were only 10 minutes away, it wasn’t that big of a hardship to find the museum actually closed on the THIRD Friday evening.


Scarlet contemplating a phonebook as art

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