106. Snowy Santa Fe


I did not know that it snowed here. I really didn’t. This morning we awoke to snow. Luckily we are staying in the nice warm home of Quin and Ryan and their sons, Chase and Andrew. Actually, the children are in the nice warm home and Brent and I have been in the nice warm Casita or “little house” or guest house! Everyone should have a casita. I should have a casa-sita, it would be a great place to put all the extra stuff I have lying around, silverware, dishes, TV, DVDs – it would really help declutter my house.

Our hostess, Quin, and I were colleagues at the Indiana Department of Labor. It has ben so fun to remember the days we worked together. It is also a joy to learn aobut the life she has in Santa Fe with her family. She has inspired me to have more themed parties (in adition to acquiring my own casita). Quin is the co-founder of the blog Around the World To the Left. It definitely showcases her life and personality. Quin and Ryan have made a point to introduce us to Santa Fe cuisine, we are now green chile fans.


We braved the cold to ensure we took in more of Santa Fe’s culture. We strolled around the plaza and gazed on the wares being offered by the local Native Americans. We toured 3 religious sites in the vicinity, each vying for the top superlative. The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis Assisi houses the oldest and longest venerated Marion statue in the United States. It is also where we learned about Requiries, a Requiry is a place in a church that has Religious Relics, specifically pieces of bone, teeth, sometimes cloth, from Saints and such. It was something new to us.


San Miguel Mission claims the oldest church in the US having been building 1610 (or there abouts). It has a bell that was made in the 1300’s. Unlike most old things they let you ring the bell and touch it!


The Loretto Chapel’s claim to fame is their sacred staircase. The staircase from the church floor to the choir loft was built by a mysterious drifter and the design seemingly defies all engineering laws. There is even a movie starring Barbara Hearshey and William Peterson called The Staircase if you wish to know more about the tale.

6 responses to “106. Snowy Santa Fe

  1. The Martin’s will have some place to stay, when you return stateside!! Keep it clean for us! Have fun!

  2. It’s 80 degrees here and your mother is in a panic that the A/C is not functioning to her satisfaction also her daughter and family may visit and quite frankly there just cannot be too much planning! The TO DO list grows longer!

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