107. Still Here


Homeschool – Home Ec

This is the twenty-second time friends have opened their home to our family. Usually I mention that we never have enough time together. For our visit in Santa Fe we are putting to the test just how long we can stay. We awoke this morning to even more snow and roads that we couldn’t even think of trying with the RV. (I cheated a little and a picture from today is at the top of yesterday’s post.) We can’t even attempt heading south as the state has closed roads.


Elizabeth and Quin

Quin and Ryan loaned us their car and we were able to attend a service at St. Johns United Methodist Church. The congregation was very welcoming and we even found a gentleman who had gone to high school in Columbus. When we said we were from Franklin, he knew the location. The minister had a Sunday before Thanksgiving message with a twist, instead of numerating everything we were thankful for, why not take a challenge to not complain for 21 days. I told Brent that I would try for 7 days and he could be a my accountability partner.


Andrew (15 mos) in a rare moment when he is not being cuddled by one of the girls

The circle of houseguests has grown, Ryan’s mother arrived last night for the holidays. We are sorry we did not meet Ellen sooner as she lives in Ketchum, Idaho which would have been a wonderful place for us to visit. Our afternoon was spent watching football and in the kitchen. The girls made a double batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies and Quin made baguettes with the help of Scarlet. The house smelled amazing. In the evening we were able to witness the surprise arrival of Ryan’s brother and his two daughters. It is unfortunate that we don’t have pictures of everyone’s face when they walked in the room.

Tomorrow we will head south – for real. I’m sure many of our friends and family are preparing for holiday gatherings with friends and family. We hope everyone takes advantage of the time together and is planning for bountiful feasts.


4 responses to “107. Still Here

  1. “don’t you go falling in love with it now Clark, we’re taking it with us when we leave here next month.” This quote seems more appropriate now.

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