111. Thanksgiving

Although many stores were open today, we have no budget line item for “door-busters” so we did not to participate in this particular tradition. We had a low key day at an RV park with the family tradition of a puzzle and pumpkin pie. No turkey was small enough to fit in our oven so we had chicken – still in the poultry family.
We have been on the road for over 3 months – the children were queried on something we have done for which they are thankful. I eagerly anticipated their answers – how could they even pick just one thing – I hoped my fingers could type past enough to capture their heart secrets of Thankfulness:

Elizabeth: What are you guys thankful for?
Arden: My friends [why?] Because I love them [why?] Because they are amazing.
Elizabeth: Scarlet, what about you?
Scarlet: 27 more days until Christmas
Elizabeth: That’s really more of a fact. Why are you thankful for that?
Scarlet: Because we will be at my grandparents and there will be more room
Elizabeth: Brody?
Brody: Legos because I can build stuff out of them and make some fun
Elizabeth: This trip guys, what are you thankful for that we have done, seen or experienced?
Arden: I can’t really think of anything
Scarlet: Santa Cruz boardwalk because we got to ride rides and live
Arden: Yeah, Santa Cruz
Elizabeth: Your sister just said that, you need to think of your own
Arden: But we got to see Brenna, don’t you want me to be thankful for Brenna?
Brody: I liked Santa Fe when we stayed with your friend and Chase because they were fun and I got to watch TV and make smoothies

If anyone is considering a similar adventures to ours with thoughts that your children will be drunk on wonder and awe of what the world has to offer – please re-read the above exchange.

It appears we could have successfully fulfilled our children’s dreams if we had taken them and a few friends to LEGOLAND and had lunch at a joint that served smoothies.


2 responses to “111. Thanksgiving

  1. Unappreciative children, where could that have ever come from? And after everything you did for them . Just shocking!

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