112. It’s Messy in Texas


In 1985 Texas launched their “Don’t Mess with Texas” campaign in response to litter on roadsides. After our first day of driving through Texas it is obvious how huge this state is; after 28 years the campaign has not reached all of Texas. I’m not trying to offend my Texas friends but after we crossed the border from New Mexico there was nothing but miles and miles of oil wells and litter. With very little civilization around it is a mystery how so much trash could accumulate along the roadside.


Imagine this for miles and miles and miles and miles

According to the Don’t Mess With Texas web-site…

Litter is trash that is not disposed of properly in a trash can. When it’s in the can, it becomes garbage. Anywhere else, it’s litter. Just to be clear, the following is definitely and undeniably LITTER:
• Cigarette butts – they’re small but they’re a nuisance
• Gum – c’mon, people
• Apple cores – even though they’ll decompose
• UFT – Unidentified Flying Trash that flies out of a car window or truck bed — accidentally or otherwise

Texans – how are you screwing this up? Don’t throw things out your car window. You certainly aren’t stopping and things accidently fall out of your car – there is no reason to stop, ever. It’s miles and miles and miles of nothing. Except oil wells.

Our family does not have trash service and our solution is NOT – throw it out a window. What we do is look for garbage cans at gas stations, rest stops or the current RV park where we are staying. We can even recycle at most National or State Parks.


This is a garbage can, most people put trash in it

Texas – you have our first impression, you have another week or so improve it.

According to the Don’t Mess With Texas website I am supposed to request permission to use the phrase Don’t Mess With Texas or link to their site. I’m going to risk it.


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