115. Blood & Treasure


Fort Phantom Hill officer quarters

These were the words used to describe the beginnings of Texas. We learned all about it at the Frontier Texas! museum in Abilene. This is the first museum or interpretive center we have toured that focused on the conflict between settlers and the Native Americans. Not just the end result of forced marches and massacres. There was lots of nastiness on both sides to be sure. For Texas it all seemed to boil down to the settlers adapting to change and the Native American not. The settlers wiped out the Buffalo and then moved on to raising cattle. The Native American did not have a plan B for when the Buffalo were extinguished.


Worlds largest (fake) buffalo skull

Let’s not forget that settlers had the advantage of firearms. Lots and lots of firearms.


Texas is full of old forts and we visited one that was close, Fort Phantom Hill. It was not around very long and doesn’t really have any historical value. When the government decided to close the Fort the guy in charge decided to burn it down. He was court marshaled for his act of bitterness. All that remains after 150 years are the chimneys and a couple of buildings that were made of stone.


What it is really good for now is a cool backdrop for photographers.

Update – Holy cow! It’s like I’m some kind of closet artist – here is a video by a band who thought the Fort would be a GREAT backdrop for their video. Found it on the Phantom Hill website.

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