118. People Watching

A headline making cold front is moving across the south so the plan today was to drive as far south as possible towards Houston.

An unavoidable pastime during our travels is people watching. By visiting public venues we have come in contact with some very interesting folks. Our children have been raised to not point, we do not heed this advice and find ourselves pointing, with a camera. It cannot be helped. We don’t always get good photos, or, it really isn’t a good time to take them – like the lady in a church in Colorado who found the temperature not to her liking. Luckily she brought along her Snuggli and even had her arms in the sleeves.

A huge disappointment was that we do not have a photo of the family we dubbed “the Clampetts” in California. They had a minivan with cardboard boxes of treasures bungee corded to the top. Written in the dirt was “I’m not dirty – you are – go wash yourself”. Ma Clampett spent some time with Brent asking for legal advice on property ownership because he looked like the lawyerly type to her.

This dapper fellow was with our tour group at Mesa Verde. He was at the height of fashion in the 80s – popped collar, bright purple sweater, white pants, docksider shoes, ascot, and the wonderful golf cap on his head.


In Deadwood, somehow you are allowed to have children in bars. This family had their small children with them and while the dad was nursing a beer, mom opted for a shot.


This mother has avoided a complete public melt down by allowing her daughter to wear her older sister’s My First Communion outtfit to the Grand Canyon. This is fantastic Grand Canyon wear. We did not get a photo of the two young boys wearing their super hero capes. I’m not sure how comfortable I would be allowing my young child to wear an outfit that may lead them to believe they could fly at the Grand Canyon.


The diversity of tourists at Devil’s Tower included this Scottish fellow. Oh the photo was hard to get but he had the waxed mustache and completely plaided out with a kilt and button down top. He asked LOTS of questions and I’m not sure the Ranger leading the program understood a one of them.



4 responses to “118. People Watching

  1. Realizing we will now be under sartorial scrutiny we are evaluating our present wardrobe or better yet your cameras will just be confiscated !

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